Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things I hate...

There are so many that I thought I'd keep a running list of them. Let me begin:

1. Crumbs- stepping on them, sitting on them, having them stuck to my legs after sitting in a restaurant with shorts on.

2. "Man Look"- When my husband looks for things he's lost, but can't find them. He will just glance over a room without lifting things and moving them to find the lost item. Usually, the item is just sitting out in plain sight.

3. Folding Laundry- Just. Plain. Hate. It.

4. Having the kids find me while I need "privacy" in the bathroom. Colin learned how to pick the lock. Jesus.

5. Religious Status Updates on Facebook. This is a surefire way to get me to either hide or defriend you.

6. Having dirty filthy feet. These must be washed before going to bed. It's almost as if I can't breathe without clean feet. Weird. I'd like to thank my mother for this problem.

7. Having my ears bent forward. My husband keeps telling me that it doesn't hurt me, but WTF does he know?

8. My mom walking into my house unannounced and without knocking. She's gonna get an eye full soon, I promise.

9. Having to wait on my husband because he's procrastinating, then having to hurry up because he has made us late for something. Then, I drive and he's a "side seat driver". Hey buddy, if you don't like how I drive, hop on over.

10. Baseball and Nascar. Yeah, go figure. I'm bored as Fuck.

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