Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of the Annoying Parent Parade.

Today was Colin's first day of Kindergarten. He did awesome. It was only an hour and a half long and I only met part of his class and parents. I was unprepared with my paperwork and needed to fill out 258 more forms. Love that. Not really. I am one to just hang back and watch the other parents and hear what they have to say. Today was a really good day for my style of people watching that I like to call "parent watching".

I observed a mom today that was very much into promoting how well her son 1) found the classroom, 2) how long he's been writing letters (SINCE HE WAS TWO, DON'T YOU KNOW!) and 3) how she was a "stay at home mom" but very busy. Yeah lady, I get that. I don't feel the need to stroke your ego or play into your game. My husband and I pinched and poked each other under the table because of her shenanigans. Then he leans in to me and says, "I had a lot of fun with you last night." OH...the distractions! I. MUST. LISTEN. TO. THE. TEACHER.

I am obsessed with nail polish and I caught a glimpse of the teachers toenails. She must think I'm one of those people with a foot fetish (hey... I can appreciate nice feet). She had the prettiest, sexiest shade of deep pink/red that I could have just jumped in and slathered all over me. This will be my next venture- finding this nail polish. Maybe I'll just ask her what kind it is. That might be a nice icebreaker. Or just plain weird.

I can't for my next time meeting all the parents.

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