Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some iPad2 love

I’m posting this to enter a contest offered by MeridaHome at Design For Mankind! I want to win the iPad 2! (and I love Erin’s shoes!)

This woman is amazing! No, Really... go check her out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life List

I'm about to "ink" my Life List. I don't have 100 things on it right now, but it is growing. Let's do this...

1. Ride a Mechanical Bull
2. Spectate the Kona Ironman
3. Drive the PCH in a convertible
4. Take swimming lessons
5. Drag Queen Bingo
6. Attend a Broadway show
7. Smoke pot in Amsterdam
8. Throw a Halloween party
9. Learn to snowboard
10.Get hair/makeup done professionally
11. Own a killer handbag
12. Take a tropical vacation with just my Husband
13. Dress like a pin up girl
14. Visit Thailand
15. Take my kids to Chicago for a weekend via airplane
16. Surf in Hawaii
17. Walk in a pair of Louboutin's
18. Get a Brazilian wax
19. Get acupuncture
20. Own a pair of jeans that fit like a glove, no matter the price.
21. Get a shellac manicure.

As of today, I have paid for one of these, but have yet attempted it. Which one do you think it is?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're going streaking through the Quad

Every Saturday my daughter, Lainey has soccer in the morning.  It's some fierce 4 year old soccer.  It's usually very low key, not much drama there.  Until the last time I went to watch.  Both Chuck and I had a race earlier in the day, so my mom took the kids to soccer.  I showed up after the race and sat with my Mom to watch the kids chase each other back and forth on the field.  Off in the distance, I see what looks to be a bare ass.  Double take... yes, it's definitely a bare ass.  It's a small girl, maybe around 3 bending over as if she's peeing, right on the side of a neighboring soccer field. Her Dad is sitting in front of her with his back to her.  He is oblivious.

I can't stop looking.  I elbow my Mom to make her look. We should be watching the game, but can't stop watching this girl. 

The little girl's pants and underwear are around her ankles.  She proceeds to stand up and do a victory dance behind her Dad without pulling up her pants. He still has no clue on what's going on.  Finally, she pulls her pants up and then tackles him from behind.  Dad falls backwards right into the area where she peed.  

Oh yes he did.  

I'm still chuckling about it.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pet Peeve of the Day

I have many Pet Peeves.  I'd like to highlight each one and explain just why is peeves me so much.

Today's Pet Peeve:

Paper Plates that stick together.

Ok ok, I know, I could probably spend a little bit more money and get the good paper plates, but hey... THEY ARE PAPER PLATES.  I'm cheap, uh frugal rather and my kids use the plates too many times in a day for me to want to wash regular dishes.  When I go to grab a paper plate out of the cupboard I am unable to just grab one.  They are stuck in threes.  Is this a conspiracy from the makers of the paper plates?  They prey on your inability to spend the time to pry them apart, leaving you to use 3 plates instead of one.  What gives?

Less glue, more plates!  Say it with me!!!

(going to look for a new hobby soon)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

playdates and loony moms

My son likes to hang out with a classmate, "D".  The last playdate, D came over here.  Colin was supposed to go to their house today, yet here I am listening to Super Mario Bros, and screeching that is loud enough to shatter glass. D's mom said the reason he needed to come over here was because D's dad, that does not live with them, is spending the weekend sleeping at her house.  She said he's leaving for Las Vegas soon and wants to spend as much time as he can with the kids before he leaves.  Hmmmm.  I don't get that.

He doesn't live with them.
They are divorced.
How do you spend time with kids while you're sleeping?

D's Mom talks so fast that I can't keep up.  It's almost as if she took her son's Adderall.  It's amazing to watch, actually.  I've been ignoring her phone calls because I'm not a big fan of D and wasn't up for a playdate.  He used to hit kids in their class.  Why can't my son make new friends?  I've begged him, but it's hard for my socially awkward kid to make new friends.

Hopefully next year, he will have new friends.