Saturday, April 23, 2011

I don't belong here.

I think that my Seasonal Affective Disorder has totally won this year.  I swear to you I'm not making this up.  It has been cloudy/rainy/overcast for over a week. This makes me unhappy, depressed and unable to function like a normal person.

I really thought I was winning.  Not in a Charlie Sheen kind of #Winning.  I had trained for a half marathon from the beginning of December to the end of February.  I thought I had it made.  Stupidly, I also thought that the weather would be better in March/April. But no, it wasn't.  Mother Nature had it out for me in a big way, always trying to knock me down with the constant grey days and rain.

My Daughter, Lainey is 4. I've been staying home with her.  I think she's trying to kill me slowly every day.  We have a daily fight about when she's going to eat.  If I give in, then I have a daily fight with her dad about what she eats.  I'm in a no win situation.

I hate where I live.  I hate rural areas.  I live in a rural area. Only two old neighbors that I don't see much.  No trouble, lots of turkeys, deer, and rabbits.  I like to get crazy and have fun.

Today, I spent the day with Ima, (Names have been changed to protect the crazy)  She's my BFF and my Partner in Crime.  We went thrift store shopping.  We ended up in an affluent town that was full of awesomeness.  And by Awesomeness, I mean lots of hipsters, gays, and douches.  Oh yes.  I did.  We shopped a few small shops.  Oh so cute!  The funny thing about Ima and I, is the that she is very much into the to here and now, where I like to dabble in the past.  We went into a vintage shop with tons of vintage dresses, boots, hats and such.  She says, "yeah, this isn't me." I started to laugh,  "I love this place." I chuckled.  Ima and I are a lot alike in many ways, but this is where we differ.  It's cool.  I love her.  For a lot of reasons.

I grew up in the same rural area that I now live in.  I've always had a taste for adventure and loved living in other areas.  I crave living in a "faster pace of life".  I have lived in big cities, such as Phoenix. Phoenix was great to live in, but we lived there for only 3 years.  My husband is the stick in the mud.  He likes where he's at and THAT'S THAT.  I really want to live somewhere else.  Unfortunately, the housing market here sucks so I'll be here for a while, but I'm really holding out for somewhere sunny and fun.  Phoenix, Austin and Denver are all on my list.

Let's see...