Monday, September 7, 2009

Alternative Vacation

This past weekend we made our annual trip up to a motocross track called Baja. This is where my husband used to race when he was younger. We love so many things related to motocross. The atmosphere, the camping, the smells and sounds of the 4 strokes. Motocross is not a cheap sport and it's very interesting to see the mix of people that it brings out. There are families that have bikes upon bikes and their big ass motorhomes. On the other side of the spectrum, you will see a little tent, a bike and mostly likely a Dad and Son just waiting for their turn at the starting gate.

My husband really would like it if our son would take an interest in motorcycles and all things thrilling. He is very much the opposite of that. He is the safest, most cautious kid I know. This makes my husband a bit sad. He gets frustrated with him because he doesn't enjoy the same things as him. This makes him a cranky dad, which makes me a cranky mom. Some day the kids and their dad will find something in common and we can lose the crankiness.

Some day, just not now.

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