Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The house that A.D.D. built

Chuck and I started building our house in late 2002. We did a lot of work ourselves. He laid the wood flooring. I helped run the electrical and was the clean up crew. There were so many decisions to make and I was afraid to make any due to my feeling of "I might pick something useless and stupid". I have a hard time with this. The night before Chuck's birthday, January 9th, 2003. I found out I was pregnant with Colin. This has come to be known as the gift that kept on giving. I panicked because our house was no where near completion. We did what we could to get our Occupancy Permit. We used up all the money on our loan and there are still many things that have not been completed.

Chuck has A.D.D. and has been diagnosed for some time. He's very good at starting projects but they seem not to hold his interest, which makes completion close to unattainable. I have no idea how to motivate him to want to complete these things. I'm at a loss and have a ghetto new house. I know I'm at fault too. I am. I do what I can do, but I can't do everything. I try not to ask for things to be done anymore because he thinks I'm just nagging. Nagging = Nothing getting done. So here comes my "brain dump" portion of this post.

Things that need to be done to complete this house:
Closet doors
sink in my bathroom
trim around my windows in my bathroom
window treatments
mirror and lighting in my bathroom
New paint color
island top
tile around backsplash/fireplace and hearth
fix my god damn garage doors that have been broken for almost a full year. ANNOYING
trim around top of cabinets
drawer pulls

sounds so easy to fix all of these but biking, fishing, working and downtime get in the way.

This is the house that A.D.D. built and it shows.

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