Monday, May 9, 2011

Pet Peeve of the Day

I have many Pet Peeves.  I'd like to highlight each one and explain just why is peeves me so much.

Today's Pet Peeve:

Paper Plates that stick together.

Ok ok, I know, I could probably spend a little bit more money and get the good paper plates, but hey... THEY ARE PAPER PLATES.  I'm cheap, uh frugal rather and my kids use the plates too many times in a day for me to want to wash regular dishes.  When I go to grab a paper plate out of the cupboard I am unable to just grab one.  They are stuck in threes.  Is this a conspiracy from the makers of the paper plates?  They prey on your inability to spend the time to pry them apart, leaving you to use 3 plates instead of one.  What gives?

Less glue, more plates!  Say it with me!!!

(going to look for a new hobby soon)

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